Disclaimers & Licenses


Completeness and scope of CatMapper: CatMapper’s database of categories and translations are only as complete as the datasets whose metadata has been input. If you notice categories or datasets that should be included, please contact us (dhruschk@asu.edu) to learn how to add them.

Accuracy of CatMapper: CatMapper includes claims (sometimes incompatible) made by external datasets about the relationships between categories, such as which countries contain specific territories. In some cases, incompatible claims reflect ongoing debates. In these cases, CatMapper makes no assessment of the relative validity of these claims, thereby permitting users to view the diversity of claims. In other cases, an external dataset may make a verifiably wrong claim about a category (e.g., an ethnic group is located in the middle of an ocean). In those cases, CatMapper continues to store this claim but marks it with a “not credible” note to improve searches and translations. In those cases, our team also reaches out to administrators of the external dataset to attempt to address the issue in the source data. If you notice an error in CatMapper, please contact us (dhruschk@asu.edu).



CatMapper software is licensed under a GNU General Public License.


CatMapper database data and metadata are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0 Deed).